Starmageddon: Episode 42

February 12, 2017
Starmageddon: Episode 42. Yes, It's been awhile... We had originally attempted to record this episode a few weeks ago, but due to technical difficulties (we weren't paying attention) the "greatest" episode we ever put together wasn't recorded. So, this is Episode 42 Redux. (Which is why it may sound a little dated.) The Starmageddon Triad of Dan Taylor, Michael May, and Ron Ankeny discuss the reveal of the Episode VIII title, The Last Jedi. We also discuss the fact that Star Trek: Discovery production is finally underway, the court ruling on the crowdfunded fan film Axanar, and maybe -- just maybe -- the posibility of Starmageddon fan film awards, and more.
(Stay tuned til the very end for bonus after show material. In other words, we were still recording when we thought we weren't.)
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May The Force Live Long & Prosper With You.

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